Two Words to Improve your SEO Ranking

Just two words?

Yep. But not easy words. (I didn’t say it would be easy.)

Those words are genuine and generous.

What do I mean by that?

We all know that to be successful in the SEO race, just creating a pretty website with plenty of detail about your business isn’t enough. For strong SEO ranking, a good website or blog must be regularly updated with quality content.

Good content that encourages a higher SEO ranking needs to be inviting, encouraging, and most of all, genuine.

Genuine Content Makes Friends

I’m using the word genuine as a catch-all for honest, reliable, authentic and authoritative. How many business websites have you visited that seem to have tacked on a blog out of obligation rather than enthusiasm? Their blog posts are sporadic and dull, focused on their own product but almost embarrassed to be talking about it, or just a lazy rehash of their product information pages.

After a few months of poor traffic, they give up – and they’ve guaranteed themselves a miserable SEO ranking score.

Even worse are the websites with a blog so overstuffed with irrelevant, repetitious or insincere posts, it’s all but guaranteed they’re turning readers away rather than gaining more.

Genuine content is thoughtful, structured, strategic and honest. Instead of trying to hide the fact that you have a product or service to sell, a target market in mind and a business goal to reach, you embrace that fact. You are upfront and honest about it, and you utilise every blog post to further those goals. You are not arrogant, but factual, and enthusiastic.

Being genuine means that you don’t hide who you are, and through that, the reader begins to trust you. Your authenticity builds authority, and your honesty builds respect. Good content means your readers or clients can see who you are and what you are trying to tell them through your words, and that they like what they see.

You also don’t need to have a frantic social media schedule updating every day. Recent Google algorithm changes mean that quality content has a higher input on SEO ranking.

So your focus on creating content that encourages conversation, rather than nervously eyeing your website stats, means that Google likes you just as much as your readers.

That’s genuine. What about generous?

Generous Content Keeps Friends

Being generous with your content is the next secret. A website or blog that only updates with basic information about recent business deals, or new products, or information on staff changes, offers little to the reader.

It’s just a timeline of content that is uninteresting to trawl through, and doesn’t give the reader much to think about.

Generous content gives something to the reader in every post. It may be something obvious, like a sale announcement, or a promotional code available to anyone who signs up to your newsletter – or it may be something more dramatic.

For instance, the always inspiring website Copyblogger has a very simple front page: they tell the reader what they do and how. But as you start to dig in, you realise that the site is packed with valuable, critical content they are giving away for free.

For free!

All that invaluable information, free to anyone who wants it. You might think they’re being foolish, giving away what seems to be their entire business model and intent for nothing. But in one valuable step, they’ve done several things:

  • They’ve established themselves as authorities by implying that the information they are so successful they can afford to give away this high quality content
  • They are guaranteeing repeat visitors: they know their own target market and this attitude of generosity, along with genuine and brilliant content, means anyone in their target market will keep coming back for more
  • Their established authority proves that they are worth giving money to for their premium products
  • Their keyword-rich, SEO optimised collected pages of all this magnificent content are absolutely adored by Google’s algorithms.

That’s a lot of powerful reasons to be generous with your content. And a lot more motivation to really think about what your website says to visitors – genuine and generous, or disinterested and insincere?

Looking to reassess your own business site for genuine, generous content? Need someone to help you figure out what to do next? Get in touch with me today.


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