Here’s How to Run Away From Work for Two Months

Step one: book tickets to America.


Step two: run!


It’s that simple. I’ve been enjoying a wonderful and much-needed extended vacation in America, visiting friends, exploring new places, and discovering new things.

During this time I’ve also line-edited a science fiction novella (and I’ll let you all know when it comes out!), written a resume or two, had an article published in Issue 2 of Travel Play Live magazine, and followed up with a few previous clients. It’s always satisfying keeping in contact with previous clients and seeing how they are going.

My vacation has been quiet as I avoided work and focused on relaxing — but now it’s nearly time to get cracking again.

Christmas and New Years are upon us. What are you doing for your holidays? Are you getting some rest and relaxation, or working flat out? Either way, I hope you all have an enjoyable time with friends or family. And I’ll see you in January for a whole new year of writing!


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