Case Study: Waratah Fibres

In September I was approached by Helen at Waratah Fibres to consult in developing her social media presence, and copywrite product descriptions for her online shop. I was really excited about this chance to help a small business develop their online presence and improve their sales.


The Business

Waratah Fibres is a boutique fibre store, specialising in hand-dyed yarns and fibres in riotously gorgeous colours. While Helen already had a professional website online, she was limited to sporadic Facebook updates and could not update the website herself. Worst, customers were forced to contact her via a clumsy form on the website to order her products.

My first priority was to get the business selling products online. Helen’s Etsy store was completely empty, so I took the opportunity to kickstart the store with new products and new product descriptions.


The Brand

Waratah Fibres already has a particular brand angle and tone of  voice, with Helen’s creative inspiration coming from the native Australian bush combined with the lustrous wools and natural fibres from the United Kingdom. To keep consistent with Helen’s established brand, I focused on creating small product stories of a paragraph or two for each new product.

The Brolga: a majestic icon of Australian bush, the dancing bird of the wetlands.

Strong grey-blues and softer greys match the Brolga’s plumage, the seasonal rains reflected in the blurred hues of water and sky and feather.

This dye lot offers all the beauty of the bird: take a little of the Australian landscape into your hands and create something new with them.

100 grams of 5 ply Pure Wool, this is one of Waratah Fibres’ first yarns on Etsy. Perfect for your next knitting or crochet project.

I love writing each new description — something a little more creative than the basic how-to post or list of colours. Each description contributes to tell a little more of a story about the overall placement of Waratah Fibres within the landscape.


The Result

Four months on, and Helen’s sales have significantly improved through the Etsy store. The store is consistently updated with new products, and new descriptions, and more customers are contacting Waratah Fibres through Etsy to discuss new orders and find out about custom options.

Helen and I both update the Facebook page, keeping customers informed on sales, product updates and local events. Up next is to develop the next stage of Waratah Fibres online: articles, and more targeted social media in the new year.

I very much enjoy developing social media campaigns, so I’m excited to work with Helen and see Waratah Fibres grow in 2016.


Are you looking for a copywriter to write product descriptions or help you get your small business online? Contact me today for a free assessment and a discussion about your needs. 


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