Lucy Stone was an absolute dream to work with! After starting my own website several months back for my ecommerce business, I realized that it wasn’t getting any organic traffic. I reached out to Lucy Stone to inquire about her copywriting and seo services. She was very courteous and informative, giving me a full rundown of her services and what she could do to help my website. We discussed the direction of my business and, two weeks later, Lucy delivered the copy deck to me!


She rewrote several of my pages so that they sounded both professional and enticing, advised on how to reformat my website in a more intuitive, easy to navigate manner AND gave me incredible SEO/Marketing information. She walked me step by step through all the processes and answered all of my questions on SEO, google search console, various plugins, etc.


Overall, I was very impressed by Lucy’s work and her attentiveness to my specific needs. I’ve already seen a significant increase in my website’s traffic and am very happy with how much more professional it sounds. Would definitely recommend her for any projects you might have.

J. S. Ding from Love Lorn Lingerie

J. S. Ding — Love Lorn Lingerie